Ponente Expressions


The culture of wine fascinates an increasing number of people from all over the world and its infinite features offer more and more ways to socialize and create moments of joy and entertainment.

Ponente Expressions is a communication tool with a strong impact, its captivating design exemplifies the wish to live a modern, elegant and refined lifestyle, and the range of possibilities of personalization makes it a perfect tool for storytelling and promotional activities.

A message,

between the fascination  of wine and joyful moments.

Brand identity

Ponente Expressions

An unexpected gift

Thin, practical, light, weighing only 10 gr.

It can be inserted into a greetings card or a brochure.

It can be sent using a standard envelope.

Special ultra-thin envelope for magazines.

Refined hospitality

Display for suites and first class seats.

Display for business activities or meeting rooms.

Amaze, surprise, fascinate.


From an exclusive event for the general public to a seat in first class. Ponente Expressions is the promotional accessory able to transmit to people the unique and exclusive values of a brand. With its unmistakable touch of elegance, demonstration of a distinct lifestyle is clear.

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