Ponente Chrome


Launch your passion for wine.

Ponente Chrome has been studied to be used with maximum ease in any moment: at a party with friends, at the dinner table, at a professional wine tasting, at an event… wherever the passion for wine is, it makes its presence felt and asserts itself with simple, sophisticated gestures.

The technology.


Ponente Chrome is made entirely of a highly elastic technical material. This allows the small internal tabs to take shape automatically during the simple rolling up of the external leaf, creating the innovative system of patented aeration inside.  This special technical choice allows Ponente Chrome to have a thickness of only 0.4mm hence becoming an extremely practical accessory to keep to hand in everyday or professional areas.



statement of culture,

accessory of style.


statement of culture,

accessory of style.

At a glance,

the tabs,

it’s Ponente.  

A winelover

is nearby.

Un colpo d’occhio,

le lamelle,

è Ponente.

Un winelover

è li vicino.

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